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Kuya Daniel Record’s Platinum for Humanitarian Projects

Popularly known as a public servant even without any political position, Daniel Razon scored another feat recently that will support his many humanitarian projects, such as those of Kamanggagawa Foundation.

Mr. Public Service’s 26th Celebration of Charity to benefit Kamanggagawa Foundation

Another year, another public service endeavor – such is true to the Kamanggagawa Foundation spirit.  And Filipino public servant Kuya Daniel Razon will celebrate his 26th year of unstinting public service with the birth of yet another noble cause. In the very exclusive Kuya Daniel – Up Close one-night charity event on November 30, 2009,  […]

The Numbers that Count: Kamanggagawa Foundation and UNTV’s Impressive Public Service Stats

UNTV 37, like all other TV stations in existence, is deeply concerned with numbers. But trust the Philippines’ leading public service station to deviate and set a bar that challenges even the oldest of stations in the broadcasting industry.  By supporting the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc.’s (KFI) charitable projects, this relatively new TV network pays more […]

A Home Away from Twin Tragedies: Transient Home Shelters Terror Typhoons’ Victims

Two terrible blows – this is what the Philippines has gone through when Typhoons Ketsana and Parma dropped by without warning, taking hundreds of lives and affecting millions of people. All over the Philippines, millions of families were forced to relocate and stay on higher ground, sharing nights with other unfortunate families in evacuation centers. […]

Think Outside the Fairytale: Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. grants Small Wishes on Munting Pangarap

Who would have believed that outside a fairytale, wishes could come true? The people who have been witnesses to Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. (KFI) in action via the Munting Pangarap do – firsthand, on TV and on the world wide web via Youtube. On the Munting Pangarap (Small Wishes) official Youtube channel, videos showcasing the humble […]

Kamanggagawa Foundation: Redefining the Filipino Notion of Public Service

In as little a time span of five years, the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. (KFI) has completely redefined public service in the Philippines. Gone are the days when public service equated to mere photo ops of public officials having roads constructed and having waiting sheds named after them. Today Filipinos are seeing what real service to […]

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