A Home Away from Twin Tragedies: Transient Home Shelters Terror Typhoons’ Victims

October 20th, 2009

Two terrible blows – this is what the Philippines has gone through when Typhoons Ketsana and Parma dropped by without warning, taking hundreds of lives and affecting millions of people. All over the Philippines, millions of families were forced to relocate and stay on higher ground, sharing nights with other unfortunate families in evacuation centers.

To help the calamity-struck, the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home became a temporary home to those who lost theirs during the bitter typhoons. Capable of comfortably housing 100 individuals at a night, the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home serves as a safe solace for the needy.

Since its inception on November 3, 2008, the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home has been known for taking in not just typhoon survivors but the maltreated, the abused, the runaways, and the molested as well. Social workers man the Transient House, ready to take prime care of each visitor.

For the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. (KFI), great care does not end with giving the homeless a roof atop their heads – while staying in at the Transient House, individuals enjoy free meals, comfortable beds, medical assistance, legal counseling, and even spiritual guidance. This is the Kamanggagawa Foundation trademark: providing excellent public service without asking for anything in return.

A blogger based in the Philippines named Jones Mancilla recently visited the Transient Home and wrote of the colorful lives each individual who stays there has.

When I visited the place, what struck me is the overall cleanliness of the place.  The bunk beds are kept clean. Bunk beds in the ground floor are for males, while bunk beds on the upper floor are for females and children.  Once admitted, they can stay in the Transient Home for 3 nights. Before they leave, they clean their bunk beds and prepare it for the next individual or family who are seeking their own pursuit of happiness,” recounts Jones in her blog on how impressed she was with the workings of the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home.

With the help of concerned individuals and organizations, the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home will continue to be a safe haven for the victims of any kind of tragedy with God’s help and mercy.


By : Pol Arellano


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