The Numbers that Count: Kamanggagawa Foundation and UNTV’s Impressive Public Service Stats

November 20th, 2009

The inauguration of the first ever free transient home in the Philippines. Kuya Daniel Razon and Jay Sonza introduce the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home to the public via Good Morning, Kuya!

Kuya Daniel Razon and Jay Sonza introduce the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home to the public via Good Morning, Kuya!

UNTV 37, like all other TV stations in existence, is deeply concerned with numbers. But trust the Philippines’ leading public service station to deviate and set a bar that challenges even the oldest of stations in the broadcasting industry.  By supporting the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc.’s (KFI) charitable projects, this relatively new TV network pays more attention to the number of people they serve on their shows rather than the number of people who watch their shows.

And supporting KFI works for this network. But most of all, it works for the general public.

On hit morning show Good Morning, Kuya! (GMK) alone, a collection of different Kamanggagawa Foundation public service endeavors simultaneously occur on a daily basis. Raking up remarkable numbers, the 2-year-old show hosted by Kuya Daniel Razon has the following statistics under its sleeve for the months of January to October 2009:

  • The ever-popular Libreng Sakay Buses (Free Bus Ride Service) sponsored by longest-running religious program on Philippine TV Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) and UNTV have driven 85,034 commuters to and fro Baclaran and Monumento for free.
  • 51,628 people availed of free medical assistance as well as free medicine in Clinic ni Kuya (Big Brother’s Clinic). In remote points located in different provinces, 14,091 people were treated as well.
  • During the onset of twin typhoons Ketsana and Parma, the Kamanggagawa Foundation Transient Home welcomed 600 individuals for the month of September alone. In a span of 10 months, the KFI Transient House sheltered 2,734 souls.
  • 59,568 of our beloved elderly have acquired free MRT tickets in the program’s MRT Libreng Sakay para sa Senior Citizens (MRT Free Ride Service for Senior Citizens).
  • GMK’s Law Center ni Kuya (Big Brother’s Law Center) has helped 1,713 individuals with their legal problems and concerns.
  • A newer addition to the public service deeds of the show, the Aksyon Center ni Kuya (Big Brother’s Action Center) has managed to extend  hand to short of 400 people.
  • More than 29,995 men, women and children have experienced the Medical Missions to far-flung and calamity-struck provinces.

Aside from the daily help imparted by Good Morning, Kuya!, the foundation extends a hand to the public in other ways as well.  Spearheaded by Kuya Daniel Razon and Ang Dating Daan’s Bro. Eli Soriano, two of the most active philanthropists of the Kamanggagawa foundation,  the following are admirable projects with equally admirable stats to boot:

  • More than 400 scholars enjoy free tuition fees, books, uniforms and even meals in the La Verdad Christian Colleges for school year 2009-2010.
  • 110 meek wishes have been granted in the station’s Munting Pangarap (Small Wishes) program.
  • ADD blood donors have managed to give 2,689 bags of blood to the Philippine National Red Cross in as short a time as 10 months.
  • 200 individuals received fast medical service with the station’s ambulance conduction service.
  • 223 people with more complicated diseases that entail operations and more expensive medicines were given financial assistance.

With two months to go before the year ends and with the unceasing support of UNTV 37, the projects under KFI’s wing have already served more than 250,000 people from all walks of life. By the years to come, the foundation and the station will not cease to serve the public and, if God wills, will more than double this statistic.


By : Pol Arellano


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