Livelihood (Grant)

The poor may have a small voice in society, but we are here to listen. They may have small dreams, but we’re here to make them come true.

Munting Pangarap (Small Dream)

Be it a small store in front of one’s house, a small mobile kitchen for cooking street food, or a small capital to sell vegetables, Munting Pangarap, is there to make it come true. Hosted by Kuya Daniel Razon and Ms. Aida Gonzales, we are proud to work for this UNTV outreach show that teaches people not only to fish, but to cook, sell, and other clean ways of making a living for them to have far more than a day’s worth of food on the table.


The conduct of Trainings and Seminars on how to operate livelihood projects or income generating activities is a necessary requirement for its effective and successful operations. It refers to ways and means of proper handling/managing a small scale business. Preparation of a Feasibility study on livelihood is the initial stage before it will start to materialize. A type of Livelihood training depends on the Technical know-how of the person who leads the project. Main aspects to be imparted in the Training are marketing, manpower, technical skills and financial management. It is contributory to the one who will be in charge in the actual operations of the Project. The intention of the Training is to equip the beneficiary of the Livelihood program with knowledge, skills and expertise in managing an income sourcing project.

Munting Pangarap System Flow



    1. Letter containing the understated , addressed to Mr. Public service Kuya Daniel (main host of GMK)

      • Name, complete address, age
      • Civil Status
      • Family status
      • Employment status of the family
    2. Pictures (OPTIONAL)

      • One (1) whole body picture
      • One (1) family picture
      • House pictures

    1. Interview using the FF Forms:

      • KFI Interview using Intake Sheet
      • Barangay Profile Questionnaire
      • Supplementary Form
      • Interview using Needs for granting form

    1. Pre-Qualification

      Letter senders will be subjected for an extensive pre-qualification in order to emphasize indigence and capability to manage business or livelihood. In this part, orientation and qualification takes place at the comfort of their own home.

    2. Final Qualification

      Assessment regarding business feasibility and needs for granting are of much concern on this part. Qualification would be done by the assigned Social Worker.


    The Social Worker will finally make a recommendation and budget proposal for the granting needs. Once approved, the granting shall be scheduled accordingly.


    All granted recipients will be monitored as to how far their businesses have progressed. Social Workers will check the status of the previous recipients to inquire the details of the growth of their business periodically. This is to ensure that all granted wishes are progressive.

Ways to help

You may help either by donating or volunteering your time with our cause.

To donate and volunteer, you may use contact us, by clicking this link

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